the arctic exchange network


Following on from the 5th Annual Exchange which took place in Stockholm it was realised a wider platform of communication was needed for the sector - something which was unique and interactive, a place where the industry could share knowledge which in turn would aid companies in their directives on shipping, fishing, exploration, environment and commerce for a more sustainable Arctic.     

This form of media interaction will be key in the collaboration of parties across the globe who have a specific interest in developing, sustaining and protecting the region for years to come.    

Business networking is fast becoming one of the best ways to meet new associates, source leads and promote businesses. By joining the Arctic Exchange Network your business will gain a wealth of knowledge, it will open up a range of opportunities and help globally link business associates within the sector – with key experts in the communities and an international collection of influential individuals and organisations glad to pass on referrals and business they feel may benefit other members.   


The Arctic Exchange Network will give you access to some great features that will help raise your business profile both on and offline as well as gaining access to some fantastic resources. We have a wide range of facilities and services within our business network - all aimed at helping our members raise awareness to achieve their goals.   


You can use the Network to create a profile page and promote your business or you can view listings to find out about other businesses within the network. There is a messaging system and forum based chat rooms along with a database of useful and interesting articles. Also included is an online job vacancy board, a media area where members can publish press releases and regularly feature latest news or promote products.     

Our aim is to greatly build on the Network in the run up to the next Arctic Exchange event which is being held in Amsterdam on 27th September 2018.     

By developing and building the Network now we will have a new and unique interactive tool for key speakers and hosts to share their content, start discussions around their speaking topic and gain input on what attendees really want to learn from their session - all before the Exchange even starts, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the event.     

The Arctic Exchange Network will also provide a platform for attendees, partners and speakers to find the right people to connect with before setting foot at the event.     

Join the Arctic Exchange Network today and play an active role in helping us support a more sustainable and prosperous future within the Arctic.   

 The Earlier you join the more you will benefit from all the Network has to offer!!