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The Arctic Exchange

The Arctic Exchange brings a revolutionary concept in networking and business information delivery – one that is designed to meet the Arctic’s specific business objectives by promoting cooperation, coordination, and interaction among the Arctic communities whilst addressing key issues facing the region.     

The Exchange is a unique round table event where attendees are invited to sit at thematic tables of their choice.  Delegates can choose to be seated at different tables throughout the day e.g. Governmental, Shipping, Seismic, Environmental, Ice Management, Technology. A host is appointed for each table whilst key speakers are also welcomed to the stage throughout the day.    

Presentations last for 15 minutes, and after every 3rd presentation there is a reactionary session during which each table discuss the presentations - it is a great way to deliver a clear and concise message to fellow delegates whilst offering an ideal opportunity to amass the knowledge of an international network of leaders and experts.   

The format also encourages the sharing of ideas and expertise with fellow specialists to help develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face in the Arctic. 

Our agenda enables attendees to use their time at the Exchange productively and breathe life into the program by delving deeper into the topics that are of most interest or benefit to their company. The ability to hand-pick the tables attendees wish to sit at over the course of the day creates a unique and interactive event that enables businesses an unparalleled level of discussion, unsurpassed peer networking and a perfect environment for idea generation. 

Tailoring the itinerary ensures that time spent at the Arctic Exchange reflects the needs and interests related to your business.   


presentation packages

Participants at the Exchange are keen to hear from a cross-section of industry leaders on important issues and trends shaping the future of the Arctic. 

Join Senior Level Executives and key decision makers from all sectors on the stage to deliver your message.     

Presenting your particular area of expertise not only builds a reputation as a respected high profile representative from your organisation, it also projects your company in a concise and professional manner. 

Demonstrating knowledge that exists within your business will help to reinforce your company's position in your sector.     

As a Keynote Speaker meeting like-minded professionals from around the globe you're guaranteed to make connections with people keen to ask questions and discuss your area of expertise. It's a great way to exchange ideas, share resources and develop lasting relationships with people from all over the world. 


We are currently working on our keynote speaker schedule for 2018 - Get in touch via the link below if you wish to be considered for presentation slot.     


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Presentation Packages