the company

C A Smith Associates

Formed in 2012 CA Smith Associates launched the first ever Arctic Exchange held in Stockholm.   
 It was an idea developed by founder and managing director Chris Smith to meet a growing demand for a specialist event working alongside the Swedish Government, the Arctic Council and its chairmanship from the countries that shared the Arctic Regions.   

 The outstanding success and positive feedback pushed the company forward to work in line with all governmental bodies in accordance with the chairmanship.  These now annual events have greatly developed governmental relations and promoted a better symphony throughout the industry.
 The original format used for the events gives attendees the opportunity to discuss and draw relevant information to take back to their respective companies to further drive their business forward. 

 As a company now into our 6th Exchange we are driven to deliver a flawlessly executed event - as you would expect of a top-level professional conference organiser. Designed to inspire, motivate and build relationships.
 We are proud to be an independent, British owned company and one where the Managing Director takes a hand’s on approach to all our events.   
 Our Arctic Exchanges attract only the most senior level audiences, with an average of over 90% of our delegates being director level or key decision makers. This makes them a unique and valuable prospect for companies wishing to increase their profile and reach out directly to potential clients through highly targeted networking.

Meet the team

Chris Smith

Managing Director 

Chris Smith founded CA Smith Associates in 2012, and has spent the last 5 years building solid business foundations. Chris has worked tirelessly in collaboration with various governments and industry leaders world wide to develop an original and highly successful business.    
  Prior to forming CA Smith Associates he held the position of head of energy organising strategic events globally. His vast experience working in customer relation management, business development management and sales and marketing has enable him to create unique meeting platforms.  He has worked across the board with leadership and business development being second nature to his professionalism.     

 He is also an ambassador for the Arctic Region with his main focus being  to support a more sustainable and prosperous Arctic.

Hannah Meeks

Operations Director

Hannah has recently joined the team at CA Smith Associates.

Having recently sold her company of 10 years Hannah was looking for a new challenge to utilise her experience and expertise in sales and marketing and the Arctic Exchange Network was the perfect opportunity to put these skills to work.   

Exhibiting a great commercial awareness  she has an eye for seeing business improvement opportunities whilst striving to develop ways to ensure the business runs efficiently and coordinating the internal structure of the company. 

She is focused on creating new and dynamic ideas to ultimately drive the business forward whilst meeting the needs and expectations of the customers and clients.

Lorenz Dries

Accounts Manager

  Lorenz is a driven individual with a very positive attitude, he is passionate about succeeding which drives him to be extremely goal orientated. 

He has a great rapport with both clients and colleagues, it is a pleasure to work with someone that is ambitious, self-motivated and hard-working. 

Lorenz is an expert in account management and business to business sales, he has managed sales teams and worked on various summits, meetings and conferences over the years within a range of industries.

 His background spans from event organisers to oil companies.   

He is currently based in Belgium as our Account Manager.