what our partners say

Arno Keinonen

Arno Keinonen - Senior Advisor at AKAC  inc. explaining the calibre of representatives who have staged presentations, and how the Arctic Exchange is a valuable forum for the global community to see the bigger picture of the issues facing the Arctic Region.  

Mikaa Mered & wim jolles

Mikaa Mered - Arctic/Antarctic Analyst & Lecturer and Wim Jolles - Owner of JOLMAR Consult discussing the evolution of the Exchange, how each year the attendance is greater, the depth of topics covered, and the quality of information exchanged. 

Klaus Harnvig Krane

Klaus Harnvig Krane - Owner at Harnvig Arctic and Maritime reflecting on how the Arctic Exchange is a unique platform for bringing countries together,  how it encourages the exchange of different views and objectives and why the people who attend leave the event with a broader perspective - feeling wiser and more up to date with what is happening across the region. 

I thought the event turned out really well, and I heard positive comments from others who attended too. 

Congratulations to you and your team.

Michael Layne 

Economic Section Chief  U.S Embassy Stockholm

Dear Christopher,

It was a pleasure to meet you and all friends at the event, which I found very useful and good opportunity for networking it was a real unique meeting.

Harri Maki-Reinikka 

Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thank you for the possibility to attend your very important event in its fresh format. It was very interesting I look forward to playing an active part in years to come.

Pavel A. Truksov 

Head Federal Supervisory Authorities Engagement Division 

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Ltd

I feel like I am part of the furniture when it comes to the Arctic Exchange - we as a company have been here with you since the beginning.  The concept and value that it brings is rather unique.

    Nils Arne Johnsen 

Ramboll Arctic Director 

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Arctic Exchange - very interesting: informative and engaging throughout.


Stig-Morten Knutsen

Head of Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Thank you for organising the Arctic Exchange, I found it very interesting and will definitively attend your future events.

With Regards
Arne Ekrol Rodal
Rolls-Royce Marine 

 A truly informative meeting full of rich conversation and meaningful information, something we should continue our collaboration with.

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski

United States Ambassador to Sweden

Chris is a hard working and very dedicated manager, who pursues his goal without hesitation. The Arctic Exchange Network has been underway for some time, but now it is launched and has already created a lot of positive attention which vows for success. 

Chris is always inspiring and supportive, and it's a great pleasure to work with him. The Arctic Exchange is ever evolving year by year and it is a pleasure to have been there since the start.

Klaus Harnvig Krane
Harnvig Arctic and Maritime 

Every year the Exchange grows and its great to see a unique platform being built with leading industry players.

Hannu Halinen

Senior Arctic Official Finland 


Chris was a great boss during my time as a project leader at the Arctic Exchange. As a law student, he gave me an opportunity to see more than just what's inside a text book within the insurance sector and inspired me to work within the international field which ended with me spending six months at the United Nations in NY. I'm so thankful for Chris taking a chance on me.

Madeline Holmqvist Skantz Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton LLP